Wednesday, February 4, 2015


So as you know from my last post, I'm trying to eat health (minus the donuts and diet soda I had for breakfast today). I guess that's the weird trade off when your are too busy working-out to buy groceries so then you have a bad breakfast. Anywho... just wanted to share a few healthy recipes that have really helped Spencer and I with our eating. I can't even tell you how great Pinterest and Instagram are for finding healthy recipes. You can find my Whole30/Paleo Pinterst folder here. A few weeks back Spencer and I made chicken tacos. Yes, lettuce wraps are great, but we decided to try the tortillas recipe from Stephanie of Simply Stupid Paleo website. All the ingredients are Whole30 approved but they are also considered "SWIPO," which means in Whole30-speak that it's compliant, but it looks too much like something you shouldn't be having so you should just avoid it (which I don't agree with). The tortilla recipe shown on the blog was made thin for crepes, but Spencer made ours thick so we could use them for tacos. We thought they would get soggy and fall apart but they seriously held up great and we loved them. The best part about this is each tortilla contains about one whole egg and I don't like eggs, so I finally found a way to eat them and not even notice I'm eating them! Protein points for me! Now each batch only makes about 3 so you probably want to double or even triple the recipe. And even though you use a lot of eggs, the coconut flour and arrowroot powder go a long way. I also used this to make a sandwich wrap the next day and it was super tasty. I forgot to take a picture of our tacos (because we inhaled them) but here is the picture from Stephanie's website (crepe version). Don't they look divine!

A while back I made my first quinoa recipe with this Creamy Caprese Quinoa Bake. It is a great way to get a lasagna-type dish without the noodles. Yes, it has cheese and cream, but since I'm only doing 80% Whole30, I can do that. :) However I have had left over quinoa ever since and needed to use the rest. I found this salad recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers over at Damn Delicious! And it was really good. Don't be scared of quinoa! I know I was at first but now I hope to incorporate it into more dishes. 

All this health food is great, but tomorrow is my birthday which means I'm going to stuff my face with cupcakes and greasy carbs! Woot woot. Don't forget to TREAT ya self right. Emphasis on the treat. Also, I take all forms of gifts and cash and you can direct message me on where to send it! #26isold

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