Friday, May 30, 2014


So Whole30 is over for me, but the changes in my life have just begun. We finished on Sunday with a helping of mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple cobbler. Yesterday I decided to go out to eat because Spencer wasn't going to be home and guess what... I didn't get McDonlads! I didn't even feel like getting it. That's a huge step for me if you know me. I love me a hot'n'spicy every now and then. I just wanted to share my last Whole30 post (at least for a while) and share some things that I love, and some products that will help you get through it:
  • Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips (Original)
  • Plantain Chips: I used either these or the sweet potato chips for my salsa or guacamole  
  • Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce: I know I can make my own but there is so much you have to cook with Whole30, that the last thing I want to make are sauces and condiments. I tried a couple none sweetened spaghetti sauces and they were all disgusting. This one is freaking amazing... even though it will cost you around $7. Worth it. 
  • RawFoodz Dressings
  • Tessemae's All Natural Dressings

  • Applegate Meats: I never knew how much I loves eating pepperoni plain until I went on Whole30. There are very few meats I like so when I found this I was in heaven. A lot if their meats are Whole30 complient, but I still ate there ham and bacon (which has the teensiest amount of brown sugar) because I don't like turkey or beef at all so I was too limited on my meats. However I do enjoy a good hot-dog and I know they have all natural beef franks which I haven't yet tried but fully intend to. I did buy their turkey dogs and they were absolutely disgusting. I normally like Oscar-Myers turkey dogs and their turkey bacon but maybe I only like turkey products when they are covered in nitrates and sugars.  
  • Aidells Chicken Sausage: Not all of them are Whole30 approved so read the label. I bought the Chicken & Apple. I also bought Italian Sausages at Costco that were all natural but I can't remember the brand. 
  • There are several ketchup's that I have tried. All are slightly illegal. I could not find a ketchup that didn't have either organic sugar, maltodextrin, or agave. I know there are "homemade" ketchups on Pinterest (I've even made one before when I was on my raw food cleanse) but being that Whole30 is already labor intensive, I just couldn't take the time to make all my condiments. Maybe there are some ketchups out there that I haven't found that are free of those, but I just picked my poison. I bought Sir Kensingtons Gourmet Ketchup, and Westbrae Unsweetened Ketchup. 
  • Larabars (only a select few are complient)
  • Unsweetened dry fruit. I bought the Trader Joe's brand. 

I've already had a number of people reach out to me and say they are starting Whole30 because of me which is a cool feeling. I'm glad I can be apart if someones journey to health. Even if you aren't doing Whole30, remember that knowledge is power! Know what's in your food and know great alternatives are out there. Have a Happy Healthy Friday!! 

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