Friday, May 16, 2014


Late last night Spencer and I decided to go see Godzilla with some friends, and if you didn't know, I'm a sucker for giant monster movies. Which makes me think that Spencer and I are going to end up a little like Phil and Claire from Modern Family: 

Of course I had a classic Ashley moment in the theater where I opened a drink that had gotten shooken? shaken?  up. Who knows... but it spewed like a fountain on the people that were in front of us, but I was at an angle so they were a couple seats down so naturally they didn't suspect me. They kept looking around and trying to see who had a guilty face but they never suspected the innocent looking girl in the Spiderman sweatshirt and Uggs (it was a fancy night for me obviously). Also after the movie the kid next to me (that came in after the incident) was complaining about how sticky the floor was and the souls of his shoes were literally sticking to the floor as he walked out of the theater. Oops. And yes... I did have a soda, and yes I have had a couple cheats on Whole30 but I'll update you more on that come Monday. 

Below are some pictures I took of Spencer and I on our favorite "Zero walk." It's in a gated community in Provo that has the sweetest little path with a stream that runs between the houses (they technically don't have back yards). This place is the hidden gem of dog walks (so maybe I shouldn't share it)! We never have to have her on a leash, we swear no people even live there because we never see anyone, she loves playing in the little stream, and on top of that we have snuck into the pool twice to see if she was a natural swimmer. See my video from Facebook or Instagram to see two crazy parents get waaaaay too excited about a doggy paddle. And because I'm super into interior and exterior design, I will only go on walks with million dollar homes because they are just too fun to look at and dream about. Well, here are far too many picture. Happy Friday!  

^^She loves to follow him around
^^Her running face kills me!
^^And our attempt at an unfocused and self-timed family photo. 

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