Monday, May 5, 2014


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Lately, nothing has been giving me more anxiety than the A/C. That's right, the air conditioner! Remind me never again to move into a basement apartment that has a shared A/C and heating unit... unless the people upstairs are elderly, because then I know they will always be cold too, and be too cheap to turn their A/C on. The owner of the house who lives upstairs is gone for the Summer selling for Vivint, and I was so excited to hear that I would have complete control of the A/C all summer long, but life had other plans. Turns out the owner decided to have a friend move in while he was gone. And although my landlord was very understanding about the cold basement, this new homeboy just has no respect. Yes, we may have made a "mutual" agreement through a 3rd party to keep the A/C and heat set at 71 degrees, but the first huge flaw with that is that YES it may be 71 degrees upstairs, but it's probably only 69 downstairs, so really I'm being cheated. Also, I can't honestly believe that there is only one degree at which homeboy is satisfied. Really? If it's 72 you automatically start sweating and if its' 70 then you are nice enough to grant us the heat but ONLY 71 is an acceptable temperature? Give me a break. There has got to be at least a 1 to 2 degree difference going either way that really doesn't make much of a change. 

The other thing that makes me want to pull a Frank Underwood (House of Cards) and somehow blackmail him into letting me have complete control over the A/C, is the fact that he just couldn't give a damn about the people in the basement. He'll have the A/C going for a while, then I'll get cold and send a message to him that we are cold by turning it off, and instead of opening a window (when it's below 71 degrees anyway outside) or turning on a ceiling fan, he just turns the A/C back on. Cool bro. I'll just put on one more pair of sweats. That's what bugs me the most because it's also just a complete waste of energy. Sorry it's 72 degrees upstairs... but guess what... it's 62 degrees outside on this lovely spring night... open a GD window and I promise you will be nice and cool in seconds! Guys... I know I sound like a wild woman... but that's only because I AM. I have temperature OCD. I literally check the temp every 5 minutes when the A/C is on. I also hate that the utilities closet is in the basement so every time the A/C turns on it's really loud in the basement and when I hear it I start feeling cold even though I can't feel it yet! It's messing with me man!     

Sure, once summer comes it will be a little better because if I'm being freeze blasted I can always open a window and let the heat wave roll in. But until then Spring will continue to be a living hell... as I imagine fall will too. Well why don't you close the vents Ashley? Glad you asked. First off, you can't exactly close a vent all the way which is extremely annoying. So although a lot of the air is being redirected, you are still getting cool air. The other annoying thing is that because it's Utah and it's bipolar weather, I am constantly having to close the vents and then open the when it dips below 71 to take advantage of the heat. It's a nice little work out for me. So yesterday I decided to take matters into my own hands and went and bought these at Lowes: 

Here is the only problem... Surprise! It's going to be in the 60's after today for the rest of the week, which means it's really going to be in the 50's in the basement, which in turn means I get to take all of these down because most likely the heat will turn on. And that concludes this weeks installment of bitching about my first world problems. 

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