Monday, January 13, 2014


I made this meal the other week and guys let me tell you I was very impressed with myself. This was gourmet cooking made easy. As many of you know I have made it my personal quest to not just be a Pinterest stalker; meaning you creep and lurk, but you never go full on serial-killer and "execute" the ideas. And yes I have close to 3,000 pins but I really do make an effort to use them including making at least 2 meals a week. Today I am sharing a mouth watering dish that even the pickiest of eaters {two thumbs pointing at this girl} can get down with... and I don't even normally like onions! For the pizza crust, I happened to have some Rhodes Rolls in the freezer. I defrosted them and I believe I flattened out two rolls to make one mini pizza crust. The rest of the recipe I followed from Jaclyn on her blog Food + Words. For those who are computer illiterate {mom}, just click on her blog name and it will take you right to the recipe. Don't let the length of the recipe scare you, because if you're like me and you don't make the crust from scratch, it cuts the recipe in half. This would make a perfect Valentine's dinner for any of you who want to release their inner Gordon Ramsay {minus some of the cussing}. Enjoy! 

* Some of you may be aware that I got a fancy-pants camera for Christmas. These photos and some of the others I'll be posting are pre-Canon pics that have been sitting on my iPhone, so have no fear if you are interested in getting a Canon, the pictures will look better than this! 

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