Monday, March 25, 2013


Sadly because of the weather I could not paint this last weekend. This weekend however is suppost to be beautiful so I'm hoping it will be full of some DIY-ing and then I can share some pictures of my living room makeover I am in the process of doing. That's it for today. May your Monday be over as fast as it started. 

 Put my old Rockstar hat to good use this weekend.

Had a girls night with waaaay to many carbs {but calories don't count when it's girls night right?}Definitely one of those girls nights where you think your waitress spiked your Dr. Pepper because you were way to silly {I'm watching you Danika}. Is 2 and 1/2 hours at Chilli's overkill? 

 Woke up to this Saturday. And then it all promptly melted. Oh Utah. You got me again! 

Went dress shopping with my smokin hot BFF Jessica. It's hard to choose a dress when you look good in all of them. 

And my wonderful brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend of 8 years. I'm soooooo beyond happy for them! I can't wait to post the video. It's so cute and got me teary eyed. They are perfect for each other and they will both be in the musical Urine Town at the Hale Center Theater in May so go see them!

{And her gorgeous Aquamarine stone}

Sunday we had an early Easter shindig. Below is my ode to the Walking Dead.

 Spencer and his brother made super hero eggs. Below is Spiderman, Wolverine, Ironman, and Professor X. 

And my beloved Blue Ovary egg {don't ask} won the egg derby. It's basically when you roll two eggs into each other and see who's doesn't crack. 

And for anyone reading "The Host" before the movie comes out this weekend... better hurry! I'm soooooooooo freakin excited! 

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