Friday, March 29, 2013


Warm weather makes my heart melt. It makes me want to also spend more money oddly enough. Is it just me or does anyone else have an impulse during warm weather to go "run errands" and go out to eat for lunch instead of staying in? Warm weather also means painting weather. As a said I am working on a lot of projects and I'm hoping to be done with my living room/balcony make-over in May. It's good to have deadlines and expectations because if not then they aren't goals... they are dreams {I may or may not have seen a quote like that on Pinterest today. Embarrassing.}. Anywho. This weather is also telling my to go to Ikea today, because there a just a few pieces I need to finish up the apartment. But here are a few things I've been working on. 
 We got this mirror for our wedding. It seriously has sat above our fireplace and bugged the crap out of me. It really doesn't gel with the rest of the room. It's so dark and traditional/classic. My vision of the room is more bright and contemporary. So after months of deliberation, I've decided to hop on the chalkboard bandwagon and turn this baby into something else. I've still got to do one more coat, and then settle on a color or two for the frame. 

Since my living room was the "red rum" room, I have been in the process of spray painting everything red a different color. This vase was bright red so I spray painted it white, but afterwards I felt like it was just too plain and it blended in with the wall. So i got a little painters tape and spray painted the bottom half gold. I really love how it turned out. 
So on the bottom right there are a few of the colors of my new room. I've also added a darker blue since then, and I might be on the hunt for a different shade of coral because Spencer says it's too close to pink. The top right fabric is what inspired it all. I said to myself, "I'm going to find curtain fabric I like and base my color scheme off that." Although I am a big Joann's fabric fan, I bought this at Hobby Lobby because they have a lot more modern/contemporary fabric. Can't wait to start sewing them and get them hung! 

I've finally finished 2 of my throw pillows for the bedroom {picture not found}. I finished both the blue ones and I still need to work on the yellow. I really want to do a tutorial on how to make these. They were really easy. I did an envelope case so that I had the option of removing the pillow forms whenever I wanted, without messing with button/button holes, and hand sewing. 

I also can't wait to make a cushion for the crate bench I made. And I got a new cheveron rug for the balcony! This is where you will probably find me this summer.

Finally tried the Doritos taco. Haven't been to Taco Bell in over 15 years. What can I say, I prefer to get my cheese quesadilla at Del Taco. For a girl that doesn't eat meat, rice, or beans, Mexican food is not very appealing to me. So I ordered this with just sour cream, lettuce, cheese, pico, and hot sauce... and it was delicious. I'll need to try the cool ranch one after this. 

You older folks might not enjoy the humor in this and may find it just rude, but sometimes I like to leave a funny comment on celebrity Instagrams. Ok so I've only done it once before. If you dont' know what a top knot is, it's a hair style, similar to a bun. Kim's head got cut off so you can't see her hair but she spelled knot wrong. Anyway, I know that celebrities don't read their comments so I wasn't posting it for her to see it, I just wanted to give myself a little laugh. Needless to say she deleted the photo about 2 minutes later and reposted it with the correct spelling so I guess someone made her notice. haha. It's ok for me to do that to make me feel better about myself because I am a HORRIBLE speller! 

//H a p p y  F r i d a y//

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