Saturday, January 26, 2013

counting my blessings

Ok so this week I have been a pinning maniac! Sorry fellow pinners. So I follow a lot of blogs, and none of them are food blogs. Weird I know since I post so many recipes but I like to stick to Pinterest to get those. BUT I found this food blog that I went cray cray on and pinned everything! Seriously the food looks amazing and her pictures are gorgeous {which helps make the food look even better}. The blog is called Not without Salt and it is amaz-balls! The second one I found is Cotton&Curls. Seriously go to her blog, or to my sewing folder on Pinterest and your mind will be blown. I may have been fooled by all the tutorials that she has done that throw around the word "easy" "simple" etc... but after finally starting sewing my pajama pants for my class yesterday, I have determined I have a long way to go before I am ready for any of these. Especially after I had a long battle with the "pseudo sewing machine" called a serger that ripped one part of my pants and sewed another two-pieces together that shouldn't have been together. The perfectionist/Martha Stewart in me was very disturbed by these events.

 Last but not least I would like to share another blog with you that I came across today through the blog LoveChugs. The BLOG belongs to a mother who tragically lost her son after he fell into their washing machine and drowned. I serisouly was brought to tears by her blog. She is so open and honest and not afraid to say the things that all mothers feel. It's ok to be mad sometimes at God. It's ok to be mad at yourself. It's ok to not get out of bed somedays when it's too hard. She addresses the issues that anyone who has lost a love one faces like, when do you clean out their bedroom? Throw away their clothes? Stop crying yourself to sleep? My heart can't even comprehend that pain. Years ago my sister experienced something similar. She gave birth to a beautiful baby named Jessica. She was perfect... on the outside. But on the inside her organs were not developed and she couldn't breath on her own. My sister is such an example to me of strength, as she chose to carry a baby to full term and deliver it knowing that she wouldn't be healthy enough to live. We got a whole day with her before they took her off the oxygen and watched as her breaths grew farther apart. No mother should ever have to bury their child, but sadly it is a reality many have to face. There is nothing sadder then seeing a shoe box sized coffin being lowered into the ground. I actually never intended this to be a debby-downer post. I just felt like counting my blessings today after reflecting on all this. I know Jessica is in heaven smiling down on us all. I know that God had a better plan for her. I'm so grateful that we got to spend a few precious hours with her before she went back home to our Father in heaven. And I cannot wait for the new niece my sister is about to deliver any day now. I'm sure Jessica will personally escort her down to earth.


  1. OH MY GOSH!! Uh huhuhuhu. I now read Weslie's blog (I followed your advice :) & I purposely did not go to her blog of the day woman today because I knew it would rip my heart out. And this little post of yours has now broken my heart. I never knew about sweet little baby Jessica. I can. not. even imagine. I am so happy your sister is having another baby girl and nowI am going to go pick up Summer and never her let go. -_-

    1. Ya if I cried (granted it was my time of the month) you would bawl! I don't even have a baby and my heart just shattered in a million pieces. Give Summer a squeeze for me! Keep her safe!

  2. Oh the memories! I love your post ashley!