Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a picture says a thousand words... or maybe i just have a thousand pictures

Welp it's that time of the year again... where my birthday and Valentine's day struggle to compete for the best holiday in February (sorry president's day). I also have a very exciting announcment I am making Thursday night so stay tuned! If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you will probably find out sooner than from the blog. Tongue ring here I come!!! Oops. Didn't mean to spill the beans! j/k j/k.

Enough about me... here are some pictures about me: 
I love February cause roses are on sale!

This was after the first coat of my ombre "LOVE." I got the idea from THIS pin on Pinterest, but I have done wrapped letters before and they take FOREVER! It's not for the faint of heart. This is easier and just as cute.  

Spencer even helped me cut out the hearts with out any lefty scissors. 

Got my nails done...
Then got them done again {to be festive}. 
I bought some amethyst quartz so I could put one under the antique dome I bought. 
I saw Kitty Magoo and missed her dearly.
Gave away some of my old friends {but also kept some}.
Bought the kids a new house. 
Left a scary movie to be greeted by the scary fog. 
Bought this cute little bench at a second hand store and plan on painting it white.
Also bought all these little trinkets from second hand stores as well.
The striped vase kills me every time!
Just got called to the nursery and I'm already dealing with cross-dressing issues. 
And here's an example of how much I love kids. Such a humbling calling I've been given.
Laying by the fire on my new Ikea skin throw. Where is Ron Burgundy when you need him?
My greatest find at the dollar store. 2 glass beer and wine glasses. 
My cute little Summer bear. She is now crawling and laughing like crazy! 
I think that commenting on celebrities instagram pictures is so stupid, but I did my first one this week just for fun. Miley deleted her caption so it's not as funny but her caption said "Should I buy this mint sweater?" I advised her that a mint bra would be a better choice for obvious reasons. I got a few "Haha's" in response so I'm pretty proud of myself.
Also, remember that fruit leather I said I was making. Well, it almost didn't happen: 

Needless to say he didn't throw it out, I finished baking it, and then I threw it out myself because it was grows. Teehee.

Made these delicious cookies with THIS simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, and then crushed up around 12 Oreos and added it to the batter. Delish! 

And this weeks favorite outfits go to:
Oversized Sweater: H&M, Collared Tunic: Thrifted, Bracelet/Leggings/Necklace: Forever21, Boots: Urbanog.com

Black Tunic Under-Tee: H&M, Black Cardigan: Gifted, Leopard Pants: Forever21, Arrow Necklace and Bracelet: Forever21 

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  1. Woohoo! Summer made it into the post! Soooo cute. Oooh & I like your hair in that last pic! I can't wait for the announcement on Thursday!!!!!