Thursday, December 13, 2012

picture overload and a hairy announcement

Pixelated enough for you?

So after the above picture was taken, fast forward a few hours and I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad stomach pains. I really didn't want to go to the ER but I had had them on and off all week and this time it was bad enough that I couldn't fall back asleep. My symptoms were really similar to gallstones but after an ultrasound they found a big fat... NOTHING. This seriously always happens to me. In the 6th grade I was rushed to the ER with extreme heart/chest pains and after a million tests they found nothing. So over the weekend I was given some acid reducing meds and sent on my way. I guess on the bright side I don't have to pay for surgery. 

Scarf and leggings: Forever 21, Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Watch: Nixon, Boots: Forever Young Shoes
I love turning scarfs into makeshift shirts/tunics.

Cardigan: thrifted, Pencil skirt: Forever 21, Gold tipped heels:

Made some Nutella Peanut-butter Cookies. Recipe here.

Love naps with this guy.

Bought me a Barbie pink case! 

So here are my pictures of my Christmas decorations. I never made the snow globes I posted from last time because I ran out of time. 

Our silver and white tree

I only made 4 trees because they took a while. I would have made all silver ones with old silver pine cones my mom gave me, but that tree took the LONGEST. Seriously. But it turned out cute. 

Pinecone lights we hung above the TV

Still have not finished my holly berry monogram wreath because I ran out of berries on Sunday. I picked up more last night, however, so it should be done by tonight! 

And BREAKING NEWS: I haven't really told anyone this (not even Spencer) but right after work I have an appointment to get my virgin hair highlighted!! I have never colored my hair (besides a purple streak I did earlier this year) because ever time I went to get my hair trimmed, the hair dressers would say "When's the last time you got your hair colored?" And when I would say "Never," they would scream "OMG this is natural? Girls pay so much to get this hair color! Don't ever change it." So therefore I never have. Then I was reading the blog (read it. Weslie is adorbs!) and I saw her hair and thought, gosh it would be fun to have bright blonde hair! It would be a nice change without doing anything too drastic since I'm already a blonde. However I'm just getting highlights (I think), not an all over color, but either way I can't wait! Yay!!!! 


  1. ahhhh. I highlighted my hair for the first time a year ago... I wish I would have done it earlier! I blame those dang hair stylists who scare you by saying how amazing your natural color is... truth is fake blonde is better.

    1. Haha it's very true. I love it and I'll probably keep it up!