Thursday, November 1, 2012

i want to whip my hair back and forth

(maybe my posts wouldn't be so long if I posted more often)

I know this is a day late but

But seriously how hot is my man?

(Taking the money to the safe at work)

I Love Halloween!!! I don't think I've told you guys that enough! Over a month ago I was gung-ho on this costume below:

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But after my mom said it would take a lot of time and money, and frankly me and Spencer weren't doing much for the holiday, I decided we could just use stuff we already had in our closet. Maybe another year Lego man, but one day...

 Yesterday after work I rushed to the store to get candy. We live in an apartment and our neighborhood is mostly made up of BYU student but I had hopes we would get a few Treaters. While I was at the store Spencer text me and said some kids came by and I was so sad! :( I rushed home and luckily they hadn't gotten too far so I chased them down like a crazy lady and begged them to take my candy. After that more kids came and I only had 3 pieces left, so I ran back to the store. And of course after that no one was really coming... so I did what any crazy Halloween obsessed housewife would do and went out on the balcony and yelled at kids walking by to come to our place. Haha I think Spencer thought I was a psycho! 

Spencer had 2 tests to study for so I spent the night by myself drinking caffeine, eating sugar, and watching the Halloween marathon. I was hyped up and was yelling at the TV things like "Don't go in there!" "Why are you hiding? Get out of the house idiot!" and "Why don't you just shoot him?" Tonight however we are REALLY celebrating Halloween and pretending it's the 31st by eating candy and popcorn, watching Cabin in the Woods, and carving pumpkins. Halloween all year baby!!!!!

Now lets talk hair...
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I have hair issues. It's very traumatizing  My hair has either stopped growing, or is just growing at an alarmingly slow rate. I haven't cut it since I was a senior in high school! 5 years people. Going on 6. And my hair has only grown about 3-4 inches. And that growth was all in the beginning. I'm pretty sure if you look at my hair evolution (below) you will see almost ZERO progress between '09 and '12! So sad. All I want is Miley Cyrus' old hair? Could she have not made me a wig before she buzzed it all off? Rude!
 I've wanted extensions for YEARS but couldn't justify spending the money, but I've been in talks with a friends who's mom owns a hair school and she knows a girl that is really good at extensions. The good news... hair schools are a fraction of the cost duh! I've been getting my "hair done and nails did" at schools for years. Yes I've had some hit and miss appointments, but the only thing I've ever really done with my hair in the last five years is a trim, or a deep conditioning treatment. And how wrong can those really go? So... I have my consultation on Monday and I am so excited! I am finally on the road to the Miley Cyrus hair I've always dreamed of! 

My Hair Evolution:







Seriously what's going on hair!!!?? There is almost no difference between '09 and '12!

I've always wanted long luscious locks like these ladies below:  

Well wish my luck with my endeavor. Hopefully soon I will be whipping my hair back and forth with the best of them! And for any of you who read my status about extensions just hours ago, I was talked out of doing the Racoon bonded ones and I am very happy that I talked to Kristen about them. They don't last very long and they shed easily. Thanks girl for keeping me informed! 


  1. You're not the only one who dreams of dreamy hair. I've had a battle too. I loved my extensions..I'm thinking of buying clip ins for special occasions..but yay for you! Hope your consultation goes well babe!

    1. Thanks girl! Ya I think I might still get the clip in ones eventually. They are a great way to add length and volume when you have time and they can last for a long time if you take good care of them. When did you have them?

  2. you should take prenatal vitamins

    1. I have!!! My hair has given up the ghost. Seriously it's lost it's will to live.