Tuesday, October 9, 2012

crafts and fabric

Yesterday I took Spence to dinner to congratulate him on his new job. He is now working at a supplement company that sells pills to make you gain weight. Sadly for me they aren't diet pills, because he gets them free. We ate at the same restaurant that we ate at after he proposed to me and low and behold the hostess sat us at the exact same table! 
On another note, I'm in the process of picking out fabric for the chair's I am reupholstering. Our room is Navy blue and white, with accents of yellow. I finally picked this blue pattern below and decided to leave the chairs brown instead of painting them white. I'm a sucker for white chairs, but all the wood in our room is brown so I thought it might look out of place (plus it's a lot more work). Below that, are the 2 fabrics I am deciding between for accent pillows. Fabric.com seriously has some great stuff! Very modern!     

Lanikai Basketweave White/Navy

Premier Prints Chipper Slub Corn Yellow   Premier Prints Suzani Slub Yellow/White

My Halloween crafting has been coming along. Besides a wreath, I think I'm all done!
Some pumpkins I did with my mom and sister's for a craft night.
My candy corn bottles. They didn't turn out as clean as I wished. If I did it over I would just paint them or find spray paint with a more accurate nozzle. 

Here are my ghosts I hung from our balcony (see below)! Bought styrofoam balls, drew eyes on them with a sharpie, and then covered them with a tattered bloody mesh I found at the dollar store in their Halloween decor.    

My balcony!

Last Friday I stayed at my parents house, and although Spencer wasn't there, I got to snuggle with my cute little Kitty Magoo! I've missed her so much!

Me and my old roommates went to see Looper in our sweat pants. It was one of the best science fiction movies I've seen in a long time. I highly recommend it for any Sci-Fi fans. 

I've been trying some healthier recipes so the other night I made homemade, baked fries (with spicy fry sauce), and zucchini boats.
Recipe for boats here.

My iPhone case came! So cheesy but I don't care. 

Hoping to go see the leafs up the canyon with Spencer this week. Any suggestions on where to drive to?

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