Monday, June 18, 2012

the sad, the sexy, and the sneaky


My Grandpa's funeral was on Friday, and it was very lovely. I'm glad it's over though because I think my eyeballs have dried up from all the tears. 


So for anyone getting married, you know there is all this pressure to get thin quick and lose all this weight. I was watching the show "Say Yes to the Dress" yesterday and this super tiny girl was psycho about her weight and saying she looked fat in everything and that she was only going to drink juice the week before. I just don't understand what all the fuss is about, and maybe I'm just saying that because I have little to no self control when it comes to depriving myself of what I want. What can I say; my body is a diva and she gets what she wants. And lets face it, the majority of all those getting married have already seen their partner naked. And if you haven't, then I'm sure you have at least seen them in their swimsuit so you get the gist of how in shape (or not in shape) they really are. So why do we stress ourselves out even more by depriving ourselves or delicious food? The answer: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER. Seriously people the only reason I'm going to the gym is for you! So that when I post those honeymoon pictures you will all see how svelte I (hopefully) am and if I'm lucky, you will give me a reassuring "comment." And any girl that says other wise is full of it because he obviously loves you no matter what. Wanna know what the first thing I purchased for the wedding was? Swimsuits! Back in January or February I bought these three suits and I've been itching to wear them! Only a few more weeks!

A similar one to this except my bottoms were a neon rainbow leopard print

This one I got in Yellow

And when I ordered this last one I thought it would encourage me to do 100 squats a day! But sadly it hasn't happened and my butt will be flopping out of those bottoms like toothpaste being squished out a tube. 


So last week I made an appointment with a gynecologist to talk about birth control options... JUST birth control options. Some how someone put it in that I was coming for a routine physical and I panicked because I've never even had a physical/pap smear. Here I was thinking I was being so sneaky all these years avoiding it and here I was again thinking they would give me an IUD without making me get one. But after the appointment mix-up the nurse asked me if I wanted a check-up anyway. As I begin to hummm and haaa over it, she asked me "Have you ever had one?" 
I sheepishly said no. 
Followed up by a "How old are you?" 23.
"Yep, you're getting one!" 
So I guess in the end I wasn't so sneaky, BUT it wasn't as bad as I thought and I didn't feel like she needed to buy me dinner afterwards. It only lasted about 4 minutes and I even let a med school student do it! And do you know what I thought as I laid back on that table with my legs up in the air? I just set this student up for a life of disappointment. She just started her career off with one of the best looking under-carriages she's ever seen. Well groomed and well kept; and over a life time of hoo-haas that she is going to have to see, I can't imagine there are too many nice ones. It's only down hill from here sister.   

And here are a few misc. pics from the weekend: 

Saw a bulldog at the pool and naturally I smothered it with love! <3 


We used our water-park season passes for the first time this summer.
Spence and I went to the parade of homes (as I do every year) and found ourselves a nice little 1 million dollar home to make an offer on! (dream big) 

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