Friday, December 19, 2014


Man, I have all these pictures that I need to upload and post but I'm so lazy! Womp womp. In the mean time I'll tell you that I've become a crazy lady and hopped on the dog Instagram train. Yes, Zero has her own Instagram: @zerothebulldog. And if you don't follow her she will poop on your bed and chew your favorite shoes. Her words, not mine. I just have soooo many picture of her that are clogging up my phone but need to be released into the world because they are so dang cute, and if you haven't noticed, my Instagram account has kinda been taken over by her face. The only problem is I never take pictures except for of her, so now I'm going to have to go out of my way to take more pictures for my account. Yikes! 

Yesterday was a rollercoaster of a day. First my work had a contest where you had to decorate one of those paper gown things that patients have to wear sometimes, with the supplies at your desk. Sadly even though mine was epic, I did not win (a really didn't care if I did) but still... I'm very competitive and who doesn't like winning. Then I was soooooo stokes to get my hair colored after work. Getting "yo hur did" always seems absurdly expensive to me and so I never go, but since it's Christmas (and that means you can spend money that you don't have on things that you don't need) I decided there was no better time to take this dull blonde up to fabulous blonde! Here is my muse: 

BUT my dreams were shattered when the receptionist told me the wrong time. Even when I called back to confirm my appointment! What the what? I'll now be going in on Saturday instead but the good thing that came of all of this is that I got to go to a spin class with my lady friend and current accountability-workout buddy Aubrey. Guys, if your spin class isn't taught by a black (or possible Indian? man. It was dark and I his race looked a little ambiguous) who is a DJ on the side and makes his own mix tapes and brings his own strobe light/disco ball thing... then you are going to the wrong class! I was literally up in da club; a club where you have to bring your own stationary bike no less, but you are still sweating to some sick beats. Today however I think I'm bruised in places I didn't know I could be bruised in but now I know to take my padded spandex! I found this video on youtube so just go ahead and imagine something like this, except for the lights are off and there is a light-show going on: 

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, and anyone who says they finished theirs weeks ago is a crazy person! I pride myself as an exceptional gift giver. Not only that but I've been told numerous times that that is one of my best talents. I'm one of those people where you casually say something about something and 10 months later I remember and make all your dreams come true. The only problem with that is that when I don't have an idea, I panic and usually give a gift card and feel like a failure! It's a lot of pressure being an awesome and thoughtful gift giver. At the beginning of this month I had zero ideas about what to get Spencer, but now I'm really excited about everything I've come up with and I can't help but give myself an imaginary high five, and then a slap on the butt (because ya know... I can do that to myself). I like to do a lot of online shopping but there comes a time when suddenly you are sweatin' on whether the package will be here in time. Yesterday I signed up for the free Amazon Prime trial and ordered some of my few remaining gifts from there just so I could get the guaranteed 2-day shipping! Bless you Amazon! I feel like such a gifting boss! This year we will be spending Christmas with my family, and then head to Vegas the day after to see the Hansen's. Usually this is a time to get away from the cold but oddly enough it' has been unseasonably warm here. As luck would have it the forecast says it's suppose to snow on Christmas day so I am crossing my fingers for a white Christmas, followed by 65 degrees the next day in the LV.  

Now to finish off the post. Here are some picture of my dog that you may have missed if you don't follow her instagram account here

^^ We always find her in the most hilarious sitting positions. 

 ^^ Feeding the pig, pig. 

^^Dressed to impress... except she isn't impressed. 

And lastly a video that I also posted on my own account too but here it is again because I love it so much. This is the extended version (by only 6 second): 

 photo Siggy2_zps990caef6.png

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