Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This weekend, as Spencer and I sat on the couch, watching Godzilla and eating chicken wings, I let out a loud belch and Spencer said "I'm the only one who could be married to you." #boysweekend. Wait... not all guys want to spend their weekend on the couch eating junk food and watching monster movies? What is the world coming to!? That sounds like my kind of weekend! He's also the only one for me because this weekend I also debuted some lingerie, followed up by doing the "Liz Lemon" dance from 30 Rock:

Here is the link if the video doesn't work:

I mean who wouldn't be turned on by that? No one? Ok... Anyway, last year Spencer and I started watching 30 Rock on Netflix, and it was so funny that right now we are in the process of watching them all over. Go watch them! Now! This is mainly what our weekend consisted of. We also puppy-sat a friend's dog, which it turns out was a little hard for Zero to have to share her toys and attention. Only child syndrome is real!

BUT... even though all of that qualifies as an epic weekend for me, I'm even more excited for this upcoming weekend! First we will be starting off Friday by seeing Gone Girl! I've been counting down the days for this and can't wait to share it with my anti-book reading husband. Movie adaptations are the only way that Spencer and I can bond over books I love. Then Saturday I am going to lunch with all my childhood friends. It's weird that I have to give them a label but I guess I have my friends back in Salt Lake that I grew up with, and then my college friends. Many of them are married and some have kids so it's hard to get us all together. Then on Sunday, it's the season premier of American Horror Story! I've been waiting for this forever since I watched all 3 seasons on Netflix in like one month last year. And on top of it all, I can't wait to start decorating our place for Halloween this weekend! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the season, the weather, the costumes, fun decor, the movies, and haunted houses! Well I'm off to Lagoon for a work party (not my own). Hope all of you have as good a weekend this weekend as I'm planning on having!

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