Friday, October 24, 2014


I know many of you have been following my bedroom saga. If not here is a recap from social media: 

Then I took a 4 day break from my room so it could sit and think about what it had done to me, and then I posted a selfie:

The hard thing about cleaning your room these days is that there are so many distractions! Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix, napping, etc. I get so distracted and then I'm like "maybe if I do this then it will help," or "let me get this done first and then I'll get to the bedroom." I was watching BoJack Horseman on Netflix (instead of cleaning my room) and found this clip that perfectly described what my thought process is. In this clip, BoJack is suppose to be writing his memoir which is due soon, but he's having trouble staying on task: 

My problem is that I've never been a clean person. And every time I clean the house I tell Spencer "this time it's going to be different!" And then it stays clean for a while and then all the sudden I turn around and it's as if a bomb went off. There is no in between. Some how I feel that I can blame my childhood on this but I'm not sure how. Pray for me that I can overcome throwing my clothes on the floor and learn to put them on a hanger. 
Let's hope this weekend I come out the other side with a clean room and better lucky then last weekend (which consisted of me not getting dressed until 6pm, and then going straight to get a Diet DP and spilling it all over my clothes). That right there is God telling you that you shouldn't have left the house and just stayed in your sweats.    


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