Friday, April 5, 2013


Have you ever stumbled upon a Youtube video and you don't know how you got there? After 9 minutes of watching that video did you impulsively spend $100 on products that it told you you should get? Me neither. Besides, I have a secret credit card so even if I did, no one can prove it. And I've definitely never done that because I'm an aquarius and we are rational and sensible beings {if you aren't familiar with astrology that was an obvious joke}. Anywho, did you know I have no idea how to do makeup  Seriously. I'm lost. Up until I was 20 years old I only used bronzer and mascara {and trust me my skin was far from flawless in my pubescent years, so I could have really used it}. So yesterday I somehow stumbled across this girls Youtube channel and I have now vowed to start doing my makeup properly. Already today I did a few tricks I learned and it makes all the difference. I may have to start waking up a little earlier now, but I think it will be worth it {cue eye roll from Spencer}. Here are just two of her videos, but check them all out. And her Australian accent is to die for. 

And thank you for telling my why my skin sucks.

And for those of you who don't wear makeup or don't care, here is another Youtube channel that I found that cracks me up. This first video is my favorite of his, but it wouldn't post for some reason so here is the link. He starts out slow but it gets pretty funny.These are in reverse order from newest to oldest but I put them in order of my favorite. Here are all 3 of his "acting reels." I've heard some say he is the next Nicolas Cage or Hayden Christensen. Someone get this guy an agent!

{Take note of the disappearing beard in this first video link}

H A P P Y F R I D A Y//


  1. Good freak! We need to talk more because I have been watching laurenbeautyy for some time now and I have read vintage revivals forever. We have so much in common!! Except we live on opposite sides of the country so we can never talk about it together!! (okay so maybe I am exaggerating a littttle.....whatever) Did you really spend $100 on products??

    1. Mmmm maybe more like $80. Haha. I bought both face washes, the lotion and the toner from her skin product video, and the. I bought the nude lipstick she loves. I'm also planning on buying some finishing powder but not the kind she has. Haha. Man I'm a sucker.