Thursday, March 14, 2013


Someone asked me the other day what my five year plan was and the only thing I came up with was "To get a puppy." Wow my obsession has gone too far. More specifically I want a bulldog. They are so cuuuuuuuuuuuuutee. I die! Too bad I can't get one until we move out of our apartment in 2 years {wah wah}. My life is so hard, right? Do people with "no dogs allowed" apartments feel the same way as those couples that have been trying to get pregnant for years while they watch their friends have honeymoon babies?? To over-dramatic? I can't help feeling that way as I watch everyone around me get a puppy. I guess I need to start a very very long paper chain counting down the days until I move. That is all.

And it's my dream to have a sloth. But I'm still figuring out the legality of it. 

Now get the freak outside and enjoy "Little Friday" {aka Thursday} with this beautiful weather! 72 degrees baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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