Tuesday, August 21, 2012

working out & eating out

Celebrated our one month in Lake Tahoe! A few more weeks and I'll have outlasted Kim Kardashian!  

Well I escaped to lake Tahoe for a week and let me tell you it was heaven! I think we can all agree that not working is always fun even if we like our jobs. Hopefully I will get around to posting that soon but I wanted to talk about two things that I've discovered recently about eating out and working out: 

A few weeks ago Spencer and I were trying to figure out where we wanted to eat but neither of us were that hungry, and we didn't want to spend too much. That was when I did (probably) the most ingenious thing to date. I'm sure most of you know that now a day, most sit-down restaurants have the "to-go" option. You may also know most restaurants wont let you share a plate or let you order from the kids menu. But when you have a take-out order they have no idea who it's for! Therefore me and Spencer ordered one entree from the Old Spaghetti Factory over the phone (which comes with bread, salad, and ice cream). It was the perfect amount for us and we didn't get overly stuffed, or have leftovers! Seriously I'm doing this from now on! Especially when it comes to restaurants where I always have a ton of leftovers. And the best part... You don't have to tip! 

So yes I have a gym membership, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't use it as much as I wish. I'm more of a class/cardio girl. I use to go to the Gold's Gym kickboxing class all the time and it freakin' kicked my butt, however 24hour Fitness doesn't have kick boxing, and the classes I want to go to are often during work. I've always been a workout video kind of girl as dumb as that sounds. Seriously in elementary I use to do my mom's "Richard Simmons: Sweating to the Oldies" all the time just for fun. FUN! Remember when working out use to be fun!? Then in between the summer of 8-9 grade I discovered Bill Blank's Advance Tae Bo video and lost 15 pounds of baby weight (I didn't have a baby, I just was a baby)! And since it's only on VHS, a nice person put it on YouTube and I still do it occasionally. However, I have found a new video I love. On our honeymoon I saw an infomercial for a video entitled Brazilian Butt-lift. The guy who makes them works with some of the Victoria's Secret models. My butt and hips are the area I have the hardest time getting toned (especially since I have so much butt), and I was so excited to have Spencer illegally download it so I didn't have to pay $60. I did it 1 day and  then I couldn't walk for 3. Welp, then I went on vacation to Lake Tahoe so I plan on doing it again tonight. Such a freakin' work out, I love it! Hopefully my butt will look like Gisele's by Christmas!

Lastly just wanted to make a shout out to my man who had his big 2-3 on Sunday! Now we are officially the same age. We went to the temple in the morning, and then the wonderful Windy Ridge Cafe in Park City for lunch. After that we road the Alpine slide, followed by some "light" shopping at the Volcom store, in which we got to know a nice little 16 year-old worker named Preston, who probably should have just given us a job there because I couldn't get Spence to leave! But I can't complain; I love being married to someone who loves clothes as much as I do. Tahoe post coming soon! Ciao!  


Such a cutie

Windy Ridge!

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